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Emily Hadwen

Moment in Time

Seven “Audio Stills”, 2022

With a Greek mother and English father, Emily has always felt the push and pull of her dual identity, which she explores in her creative output. She is the co-founder of the London-based supperclub Yaya which was formed to explore her Greek heritage and to reimagine a place of nostalgia in the here and now. The visuals, photography and branding for the project were a part of the exploration of dual identity, food and place, community and time, and capturing a “feeling”.

For this commission, she expands further by using more abstract image and sound to create a new geo-memory of her personal London and Thessaloniki.

Alongside her creative work, Emily is a Director and Executive Producer at a public engagement organisation called Big Ideas. Her work focuses on public history engagement and community outreach, while drawing on her background in communications, visual design and programme and project management. Before this she worked in public museums, galleries, and commercial theatres, with a focus on audience development and public engagement.


Emily Hadwen negotiates the idea of home, creating her own audiovisual scape in between two countries, through memories of the kitchen space.


Greece / London

“Full”Serres – London Stoke Newington

“Full”Serres – London Stoke Newington

“Going somewhere”Thessaloniki boat – Hackney

“Women”Emmanouil Pappas – Valette Street

“Here”Thessaloniki – The Strand

“Wake up” Emmanouil Pappas – Cecilia Road birds

“Out and About” Modiano Market – Morning Lane

“Saturday” Analipsi – Cazenove Road

“Magic” Emmanouil Pappas – London

London / Greece

“Splash”London Stoke Newington – Pelion

“Splash”London Stoke Newington – Pelion

“Waiting”Hackney Wick – Milies

“Up High and Out Loud”Stratford – Pelion

“Let’s Party”Hackney Carnival – Rebetiko

“Tea” Tottenham- Thessaloniki

“Wet” Dalston – Kavala

“Feasting” Shoreditch – Emmanouil Pappas

“Night” Essex Road – Emmanouil Pappas