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Ermioni Rammou

Days in a Week

Smoke-fired Ceramics, 2022

Ermioni Rammou is a Greek-born artist who lives and creates in London. Since childhood, her inclination has been towards the Arts. From that time she was involved in dance ,theatre, painting, installations and ceramics. She studied Fine Arts and Art Sciences in UoI and Architecture in T.U.C. In the past, she worked as an Art Teacher , Set Designer and Architect and the last four years creates smoke-fired ceramic art pieces.

In her creative practice she uses chaos, randomness, repetition and marks as main elements of her expressive language. Recently Ermioni was awarded a fund from the Art Council England to experiment further with her art.


Ermioni Rammou creates a process that reflects the constant transformation of diasporic identities as it travels from place to place.





As part of her exploration of culinary heritage, Ermioni conducted an interview with Marianna Leivaditaki, one of the most influential contemporary female chefs, working in Greece and London.