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James Chaplin Brown

Makarios III

Work on Paper, 2022

James Chaplin Brown is an artist and writer from North London. Coming from a background in exploratory sound and music, Brown started out at age 11 making beats on his family computer. Brown is now studying at Goldsmiths College, London, Department of Visual Cultures.

Brown’s speculative wandering spans installation, performance, sound, turntablism, lectures, writing, design, painting, drawing, fictional personas and curating everyday stuff; which he describes as “space-mind-sound-time without institutionalized categories of craftsmanship”.

Brown’s work is in constant dialogue with auditory experience, but often encompasses the inaudible/non-auditory. Currently, Brown is working on a lecture series and publication entitled ‘Overspills’.

James Chaplin Brown uses an ingredient with economic, historical, and political meaning that is also associated with the community’s habits, tradition, and identity, to create a powerful image out of spilled coffee.